tcTypin’s Cool is an incredibly easy way to teach people how to touch-type – starting as early as grade 2 – in about 20 minutes and to reach keyboarding speeds of up to 20 words per minute in less than a week! And it is fun to use, for both students and teachers.

Typin's Cool teaches a series of easy-to-remember phrases that gives students a simple "mental road map" to finding the letters on the keyboard, using the correct fingers. Students start typing almost instantly without looking at their hands. Typin’s Cool is a teacher-led program, which includes the Typin’s Cool Video, the Typin’ Write book for skill development and the Typin’ Time software for checking speed and accuracy.

Typin's Cool is licensed to over 2,500 schools throughout the United States and Canada, representing an enrolment of more than one million students.